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Do you remember those boys that go to the ‘hood’ and mess with people all for the sake of a “prank”? Well, they went to a radio station for an interview and the hosts there called them out on their racist shit and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Check this video out. 

Thank you Ebro!!!!!!!

Right, True.

I wish Hot 97 would stop fronting having women on their show. They never get a word. They just sit and cosign. Shorty didn’t even have a question?

Yes I agree! The women on air other than mrs info and previously Angie Martinez are always overshadowed andonly really speak when they’re interviewing other women.

How we get ready for the day

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You think Michael Jackson “invented” this shit?
This is Bill Bailey in 1955!

Mind blown!

Michael Jackson never claimed he ~invented~ the moonwalk. He ALWAYS credited his inspirations for his work, you only have to watch one live Michael performance and see his inspirations: Bill Bailey, James Brown, Fred Astaire. The trilby and loafers are a massive giveaway when it comes to spotting Michaels inspirations. Jesus fucking Christ has anyone seen Smooth Criminal though? …Hello? Bandwagon?

"Study the greats and become greater.” Michael Jackson

When did anyone say he “invented it”?

in his autobiography he specfically describes how he was inspired by watching breakdancers perform and how they broke it down for him. so it’s not just that he was inspired by the greats, he was inspired by hip hop culture and contemporary (at the time) Black performance culture.


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Good Vibes HERE



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We could be fuckin but you wanna live in a another state

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